Professional Speakers Frankfurt is an Advanced Toastmasters Club for Frankfurt, the Rhine-Main metropolitan region and beyond. It unites advanced Toastmasters and other experienced speakers who want to refine their speaking and communication skills. The Club focuses primarily, although not exclusively, on people who speak for professional reasons, want to compete in Toastmasters contests or train others in the field of communications.


Professional Speakers Frankfurt is a platform for members to enhance their speaking and communication skills. At its regular meetings, the Club uses formats that differ from the standard Toastmasters experience. In particular, there is more time for in-depth feedback, longer projects and repeated speeches to coach members to achieve higher levels of proficiency. The Club also organizes seminars and workshops for members and guests.


  • Every Club member is responsible for creating a positive, supportive environment.
  • Feedback is always honest and constructive.
  • The Club strives to achieve highest levels of proficiency in public speaking.