COVID-19 hygiene rules

The rules set out here are binding until further notice for all participants of Professional Speakers Frankfurt e.V. events. Participants who violate these rules will be excluded from the event. In the case of repeated violations, the Executive Committee may decide on a permanent exclusion.

Before the meeting

  • All participants must register electronically in advance. Guests must provide their contact details. Registration ensures that the maximum number of participants is observed.
  • You are not allowed to participate in the meeting if you
    • know that you have an acute infection with SARS-CoV-2, even if you don’t show any symptoms;
    • stayed in a risk area as defined by the Robert Koch Institute within the last 14 days before the meeting;
    • have typical COVID-19 symptoms (especially dry cough, fever, and loss of the sense of smell or taste).

During the session

  • All participants must sign a form to confirm that they comply with the rules and requirements laid out here.
  • We recommend that all participants install the official Corona warning app on their smartphones.
  • A dispenser for hand disinfection is available at the entrance of the conference room.
  • All participants must wear a mask covering the mouth and nose when entering and leaving the room and while being in the general area of the venue. You may remove your mask only when sitting in your place.
  • Chairs and tables will be arranged so that there is always at least 1.50 meters distance between two persons. You may only sit on designated seats and do not move chairs or tables.
  • You should avoid unnecessary walking around the room. Only the respective speakers shall hold their speeches standing up from the front. All other participants, including the moderator (Toastmaster of the Evening), remain seated.
  • Do not shake hands or touch fellow participants.