Workshop: One 4mat For All

Do you sometimes struggle to get started with your speech structure, workshop concept, or sales proposal? Or worry that you might miss an important point in reaching the audience?

One 4mat For All – A quick start into efficient content presentation structure

The “4mat” is a handy, straightforward and versatile communication tool that helps you structure your content and ideas to present your message effectively. It is helpful for example in preparing speeches, outlining training content, and describing your products or services, but also in a variety of other settings.

The 4mat is based on how different kinds of people perceive and process information with a different focus of interest. Thus, it is especially helpful when addressing listeners with a mixed or unknown focus of interest and whenever you want to make sure to get everybody on board.

As part of the Professional Speakers Meeting on 1 June, Franziska Wiebel will facilitate a mini-workshop in which you will quickly learn the basics of the 4mat, practice it by drafting 4mats relevant to your own topics and purposes, and creatively share great ideas on when and how to apply it.

It’s easy, it’s universal, it’s simple to remember, so next time you prepare a speech, concept or proposal, with the 4mat you’re sure to get a good quick start!

About the Facilitator

Dr. Franziska Wiebel

Dr. Franziska Wiebel, trainer, speaker and coach with a focus on resiliency training/stress and burnout prevention; molecular and evolutionary biologist with a background in academic research and pharmaceutical industry and a strong interest in neurobiology; mother, passionate dancer, and more.

She loves to combine science, training, creativity and common sense across disciplines for a better understanding of how we work! 😉 For her, even today, the ancient philosophical mission to “Know thyself” is a never ending, fascinating journey into our body, mind, and soul.

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